1000 sqm of asphalt became 850 sqm of pavement open to rainwater, moreover and verges were enlarged and converted into bee pastures. This does not only beautify the surrounding area, it also provides a new habitat.

1200 sqm of roof were renewed and insulated.

Thanks to the installed Photovoltaics, with a peak output of 60 KWp, the company is self-sufficient and can even support the surrounding households.

Currently, 250 sqm of roof are being covered with greenery. But it is not just for visual, there is also an advantage ecological wise. Green roofs can help protect the building against many weather conditions and also reduce temperature fluctuations. They also provide a habitat for insects and other animals in the city, which fits with our idea of environmentally friendly interactions. 

In any case, the project is still being pursued further! 

Extension of the hall:

After first taking care of the renovation of the roof, which also included the installation of photovoltaics, we have now reached the interior finishing of our hall. 

At the beginning, the old furnace of the lamp factory was removed, followed by the walls of the room in the large hall. As the hall was empty, the interior work was started. 

Subsequently, a partition wall was built. This created two new rooms which can be used as exhibition space for our samples. 

Following, a ceiling was added, creating an area of 120 sqm, which is planned as potential office space.

As the last project, the staircase and railings was completed.

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The next Project we will tackle is the green roof.