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We as the red-U GmbH deliver a service which does not fit into the common picture in packaging business; we’re not only a design agency nor are we a supplier, an engineering bureau nor a buying agency. We’re situated right in the middle between these types of companies.

Since new things need a name we call ourselves concept-workshop. This illustrates that we are inventing concepts and bringing them to live, too. Our scope goes from the rough sketch up to prototypes fit-for-production.

Our core business is fibre packaging (corrugated cardboard, solid cardboard). But we don’t limit ourselves to this and so e.g. the quarter-Euro-size load carrier 1.4 was designed by red-U, too.

Our clients are national and European.

Our name brings it to the point: Our logo, the single letter “U” in red, reads “red-U” and is the core of reduce | reduzieren | reduire. Our main task is to reduce without losing.

red-U creates concepts by innovating existing products or by reinventing products that manage to work with less:

less material usage
less elements
less handling effort
lower cost

We’re taking care that reducing does not go along with losing functionality or design.

Our clients benefit from our independence so we’re free in choice of material, printing methods or minimum quantities.

Your advantage

We know the business by heart – your advantage

If you want to obtain not only our design services but the whole product you can benefit from our network of cooperation producer.

We cooperate with both the big players and the smaller units; that gives us the free choice of printing methods and lot sizes.

In the fast lane

Four ways to save with red-U

  1. Effective concept: With our constructive know-how red-U invents solutions with less material than comparable products. If we save 25% of the material, it does not have to be produced, printed, die-cut, transported and in the end recycled.
  2. Make it simple: red-U offers a 360 degree view, analysing the process from the beginning to the end. An affordable co-packing is very important for us.
  3. Low-cost purchasing: We let different producers quote on clear specifications which offers a fair comparison.
  4. Low lead time: You do not have to talk to the different producers because red-U does the briefing, design, development, tendering stage… you save substantially time.

Sandra Bohnenkamp

Back Office

Jan C. Feller

Founding member | CEO | Designer | +49 (0) 52 21.174 59-10

Silke Heidbreder

Display-Projectmanagement | +49 (0) 52 21.174 59-17

Patrick Kiel

Display-Projectmanagement | +49 (0) 52 21.174 59-13


Back Office

Anja Lubzyk

Display-Projectmanagement | +49 (0) 52 21.174 59-15


Design and development

Frank Vorndamm

Commercial project manager – FSC coordinator | +49 (0) 52 21.174 59-18

Helene Willms

Design and development

Before the square at the Mindener Street became our place/favorite spot/home, a former Lamp factory had found its place here. Today almost 400 square meters are giving us the room to rethink, reduce, refine and to develop new products.  


red-U GmbH
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