Key facts

2010 Foundation of red-U GmbH by Wolfgang Nothaft
und Jan C. Feller.

Conception and development of a return-pallet called
1.4 for the Dutch FHG-group (this is going to be a serious competition to the CHEP pallet).

2011 A first patent is granted for red-U concerning technical innovations of the 1.4. 

A first additional team-member joins red-U.

2012 Design-project for discounter-cases performed for P&G.

2013 Conception and design of a packaging line for a robotic co-packing site.

2014 End of this year Wolfgang Nothaft leaves for well-deserved retirement.

2015 The team now counts 6 heads.

2016 Purchasing of an old factory site in Herford.

2017 Conversion of the old building into a creative site. 

The company moves to Herford in July.

A next patent is granted for the so-called ”Guerilla 3.0“.

2018 The car-fleet is converted from conventional combustion engines to hybrid or fully electric vehicles.

Inauguration party in Herford ”the bluesanovas“ – a fantastic blues band. 

2019 The team now counts 10 people.

More patents are granted, first design project for wooden displays.

2020 A first photovoltaics installation is set up – red-U now produces more energy than it consumes.

In August 2020 – Wolfgang Nothaft, companion and friend, deceased.

2021 New people join, now the team counts 12 people.